“Timothy S. Johnston has cemented himself as the current master of the scifi dark detective story.” — Science-Fiction-Review



The Void from Timothy S. Johnston and Carina Press is available now!


THE VOID by Timothy S. Johnston

Praise for Timothy S. Johnston’s The Void:

“… engrossing and exciting … SF and mystery fans will be impressed with Johnston’s tightly written deep-space whodunit.” — Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“… (TSJ is) the current master of the scifi dark detective story.” — Science-Fiction-Review

“… spellbinding and gripping … ” — eBookAnoid

“… the best yet … phenomenal …” — The Qwillery

“… well crafted and highly entertaining … ” — Booklover Book Reviews

“… keeps you guessing until the very end.” — Bibliophilic Book Blog

“… superb …” — Edi’s Book Lighthouse

“… claustrophobic …” — SFCrowsnest

“Johnston does a remarkable job of developing a twisted mystery with numerous suspects and lots of danger.” — Martha’s Bookshelf

Praise for Timothy S. Johnston’s The Freezer:

“Excitement galore, complex and believable characters, a ferocious and lethal setting and surprises on almost every page …” — eBookAnoid

“… a combination of science fiction, thriller and horror … This exciting tale will keep readers rapt, desperate to find out what happens next.” — RT Book Reviews

“I really enjoyed this thrill ride … Johnston has built a very vivid and compelling world …” — SFcrowsnest

“The Freezer is a little bit of Asimov’s Caves of Steel , a little bit of Shelley’s Frankenstein, and a bit more of Carpenter’s The Thing … This is a great ride, and I heartily recommend it.” — Science Fiction Review

“… Hitchcockian pitch-perfect tension and suspense …” — Ramblings from this Chick

“Johnston … keeps his foot on the accelerator pedal in The Freezer, with the action almost non-stop.” — Booklover Book Reviews

“… an exceptional story of murder, intrigue, and cutting–edge science.” — Bibliophilic Book Blog

“… a solid, entertaining read.” — Koeur’s Book Reviews

“… sharp, intense mystery.” — Martha’s Bookshelf

“… a fast-paced adventure …” — DeFlipside

“… thrills and mysteries ramp up and don’t stop until the end …” — The THE FREEZER by Timothy S. Johnston


“A rollercoaster ride packed with action and emotion.” — Edi’s Book Lighthouse

“A real page turner …” — The Bouncing Tigger

Praise for Timothy S. Johnston’s The Furnace:

“… a Crichtonesque thriller …” — K I R K U S

“… riveting …” — Midwest Book Review

“… fantastic …” — TrekWeb.com

“… a page turner … ” — Allbooks Review

“… fun … enjoyable … plenty of action … entertaining …” — SF Site

“… outstanding.” — Science Fiction Review.com

“… intense …” — The Bibliophilic Book Blog

“… I was absolutely blown away by The Furnace …” — Dreamworld Book Reviews

“… definitely a page turner … suspense-filled …” — Kaye Trout’s Book Reviews

“… compelling …” — Booklover Book Reviews

“… a great ride …” — The Qwillery

“… Scary and gripping …” — eBookanoid

 “Johnston is an exemplary novelist.” — Dreamworld Book Reviews

 THE FURNACE by Timothy S. Johnston“… suspense-filled …” — Kaye Trout’s Book Reviews

“… a gripping page-turner …” — Ramblings from this Chick

“… a great science fiction locked station mystery …” — alternative-worlds.com

“It is a case of Agatha Christie meets Isaac Asimov with added Crichton for flavouring.” — eBookanoid.com

“… an edge-of-your-seat page turner!” — Moonrise Book Blog

“… wonderfully diabolical and frightening …” — Martha’s Bookshelf

“… properly gruesome.” — SFcrowsnest

“Fans of Michael Crichton or James Patterson will certainly love Timothy S. Johnston.” — Science Fiction Review.com

“…took me by storm.” — Edi’s Book Lighthouse

“A must-read.” — Ardath Mayhar, SF author of over 60 novels including THE WORLD ENDS IN HICKORY HOLLOW.


As a Homicide Investigator working the solar system’s most remote outposts, Lieutenant Kyle Tanner has been involved in more investigations than any other in Security Division. His most recent cases take him to SOLEX One, a station orbiting precariously near the Sun, The Freezer, a station located on Jupiter’s ice moon Europa, and out into deep space, stranded aboard a damaged ship.

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