The War Beneath by Timothy S. Johnston


THE WAR BENEATH by Timothy S. Johnston.  Coming Fall 2018 from ChiZine Publications!

Catastrophic environmental destruction has proceeded at a rate faster than any predicted, and by 2129 A.D. the developed nations of the world endure the worst depression in history. Breadbasket regions in North America and Europe are now desolate wastelands. Rising ocean levels have flooded coastal industrial areas. Starving and displaced people migrate across continents. Around the planet, billions suffer. Nations fall to rebellion and dictatorships.

The shallow continental shelves offer salvation, however, and advanced nations of the world have settled colonies hoping to take advantage of mineral deposits, kelp, and fish farming. These underwater cities provide hope for the masses, but their citizens do not wish to merely exist for the needs of their mother nations.

They desire independence.

Citizens of the underwater colonies fight to find their own place in this new world. There is hardship, pain and suffering, along with the joy of family, love and friendship. A small group in the US underwater city of Trieste is leading the struggle; they are fighting not just the superpowers, but also other underwater colonies for dominance in the dangerous frontier.

And in the oceans of the world, there is war.


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