Reviews of Timothy S. Johnston’s Fatal Depth


AUTHOR MICHAEL LIBLING:  “Sink the unsinkable! Anyone who knows the story of the threat posed by the Bismarck — Germany’s super battleship of WWII — will find even more to appreciate in Johnston’s latest entry in his Rise of Oceania series. It’s an SF techno-thriller that opens with a tidal wave of action (literally!) and never lets up. Indeed, Fatal Depth is an unpretentious, hugely entertaining read set in a vividly realized and all-too-plausible future world. Mix one part Tom Clancy with one part Ian Fleming and the result might well be Timothy S. Johnston — an author with a command of science and technology, and the rare skills to bring it all to life on the page.” — Michael Libling, author of Hollywood North: A Novel in Six Reels


READERS’ FAVORITE: “… heart-stopping action! Timothy S. Johnston is an incredible writer, word perfect, and so imaginatively creative one has to read his books to truly experience the cinematic aspects of his beloved underwater world. He builds tension with every chapter as his plot twists and turns throughout, and even the last page jolts us with an unexpected shock. Yet, somehow in the midst of all the dangerous excitement, his readers find themselves caught up in the emotional pasts and presents of his characters, but never at the loss of momentum or suspense. There’s a reason Johnston was the winner of the 2018 Global Thriller Award. Discover that reason for yourself when you read his entire Rise of Oceania series of books.” — 5 Stars at Readers’ Favorite


AUTHOR J.J. DUPUIS:  With Fatal Depth, Timothy S. Johnston takes readers to a future so fully-realized and nuanced that it feels like he must own a crystal ball. The undersea world of the novel, its science and politics, at once harkens back to the golden age of sci-fi, while seeming so prescient that it’s like a glimpse into tomorrow. Johnston handles the action as masterfully as he does the world-building. Fatal Depth is a whirlpool of a novel that sucks the reader right in and doesn’t let go. — J.J. Dupuis, Author of the Creature X Mysteries


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FATAL DEPTH from Timothy S. Johnston and Fitzhenry & Whiteside is available to purchase at these links.

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