Reviews of Timothy S. Johnston’s The Savage Deeps


READERS’ FAVORITE: “Turning the final page and closing the back cover of The Savage Deeps by Timothy S. Johnston is like walking out of a dark movie theater. Your mind is still reeling so hard from the other world of the movie, you’ve forgotten it’s just another day in the real world. You suddenly realize that what has held you enthralled, both emotionally and mentally, for the past few hours was fantasy and special effects … For days then, and now again after reading this sequel, I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like for people to set up underwater cities once earth, as we know it now, is no longer habitable thanks to global warming. Reading The Savage Deeps is like watching a movie. The visual imagery of folks living and working in enclosed domes beneath the oceans, of zipping through the deep waters to visit other colonies using high-tech, high-speed subs is mesmerizing.

… In no time, the savage deeps explode with war. Torpedos, mines, imploded subs, and bodies litter the ocean floor. With spies and traitors everywhere, will McClusky survive? Will Trieste realize independence? Twists, turns and the unexpected carry the exciting plot to its conclusion. You close the book and re-enter your own real world, feeling anything but certain that what you just read could never really happen.

… Johnston is an author skilled in bringing life to his characters through dialogue, engaging readers’ emotions by their behaviors and thinking, and creating brilliant settings, all of which play out like scenes in a movie. Thinking of that, dare I suggest these two books are just ripe for becoming the next blockbuster movie? Food for thought!” — FIVE STARS at Readers’ Favorite


SFCrowsnest:  “In the first book of this series, ‘The War Beneath’, former intelligence operative Truman ‘Mac’ McClusky is drawn back into the politics governing the underwater city of Trieste against his will … Just as author Timothy S. Johnston’s characters often find themselves in tight spaces, literally and figuratively, they also find plenty of action on their way to everywhere … As a sequel, ‘The Savage Deeps’ delivers on every level. The action is perilous, but not an exact repeat of what we’ve seen before. New technology abounds, all detailed with exhaustive research. Once again, Mac is the star of the production, a wonderfully complicated character written with delicacy. There is a point when you can push a character too far. Mac is nudged up against the edge and held there until you think he might break. These scenes, for me, are just as thrilling as watching Mac perform daring underwater maneuvers. The emotional impact of this book is just as compelling as in the first one.” — SFcrowsnest


A-THRILL-A-WEEK:  The Savage Deeps is like a futuristic Das Boot with a lot of intense action and some interesting technology. Even though The Savage Deeps is the second in the series, it could easily be read as a standalone. The first book of the series, The War Beneath, primarily introduces the characters and gives a glimpse into what drives Truman McClusky, definitely a worthy read, but The Savage Deeps is considerably more action packed. Since the ending was full of spine-tingling thrills, I give The Savage Deeps a five star rating.”A-Thrill-A-Week


AUTHOR J.J. MARTIN: “Another strong adventure set in TSJ’s techno-thriller universe. This second entry in his gripping underwater war series sees McClusky fleeing from foreign enemies bent on killing him while the political intrigue of ocean governments conspire to destroy him. Full of spy craft, submarine warfare and plenty of underwater explosions, it’s written with TSJ’s researched detail. Believable and exciting.” — J.J. Martin, author of Father Sweet


THE SAVAGE DEEPS from Timothy S. Johnston is available in paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats. Click here for purchase links.

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