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So here it is.
A blog.
It’s taken years for me to decide to finally do it.

You see, I’ve been so busy working and writing books that I never thought I’d really have all that much time to say anything here.  And yet I’ve discovered during that period that I do seem to find enough time.  It’s always there.  Maybe late at night (like now,) after I’ve finished editing for the evening, or maybe early in the morning before I get to work, or maybe on a weekend with a hot cup of coffee at my side and a cat (or two) at my feet.  I’ve noticed that I do indeed have the time to write about SF-related properties, either books, movies, or television.  After all, I’ve managed to recently put up more than a few movie reviews on Facebook, open letters of praise for recent novels I’ve also (somehow) found the time to read, as well as the odd obituary as heroes from my youth pass on.  These seem to increase in number every year, and it guts me every time.  But I do seem to find the time for writing things other than novels, and it’s because of this genre that I love.  The genre that I grew up with.  The one that played a massive role in forming my creative energies.  It made me who I am, and I can’t help but want to talk about it as much as possible.  I realize now, after all these years mulling it over, that I need this.  It’s an important outlet, to share my thoughts about Science Fiction and other related genres, like Mystery and Horror.  I want to talk about the movies and books that made me who I am.  Maybe it’ll have some sort of impact on someone, somewhere in the world.  Even if it’s just one person … that’s enough, isn’t it?
And so finally here I am.  Here you are.  Welcome.  I can’t promise much other than my thoughts on past, present and future Science Fiction / Thriller books and movies.  But then again, that’s a whole lot of awesome right there.  Enjoy!

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