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THE SHADOW OF WAR by TSJ is a 2023 CYGNUS Award Finalist

The Shadow of War by TSJ is a 2023 CYGNUS Award Finalist

My 2023 underwater heist thriller, The Shadow of War, has made the final group of novels in the science fiction award competition.

Unboxing Author Copies of A BLANKET OF STEEL

Unboxing Author Copies of A Blanket of Steel

The emotions are impossible to describe.  Do lifelong dreams come true?  A Blanket of Steel is my ninth book, but with each, that first moment when you realize that it actually exists … it’s just a feeling that is nearly overwhelming.

Author Michael Libling Reviews A BLANKET OF STEEL

Author Michael Libling Blurbs (and Reviews) A Blanket of Steel!

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again:  Michael Libling, author of Hollywood North:  A Novel in Six Reels and The Serial Killer’s Son Takes a Wife, is a Canadian treasure.  He’s a brilliant genius and I can’t argue with or dispute anything he says about any topic. Especially this one.

Here are his impressions of my newest thriller, A Blanket of Steel:

THE SHADOW OF WAR by TSJ is a 2023 CYGNUS Award Semi-Finalist

The Shadow of War is a 2023 CYGNUS Award Semi-Finalist

The underwater heist published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Ltd. in 2022 is continuing to make waves!

A BLANKET OF STEEL eBook is Now Available!

A Blanket of Steel eBook: Now Available!

Links are in the post, as is the gripping book trailer. All retailers are currently delivering the eBook format (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, ePub, etc.)  Links follow …

Readers’ Favorite Reviews A BLANKET OF STEEL!

Readers’ Favorite Reviews A Blanket of Steel!

And it is very, very good indeed!

See an excerpt, and click a link for the full review: