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SFcrowsnest Reviews THE SHADOW OF WAR!

SFcrowsnest Reviews The Shadow of War!

“Any good heist consists of three components: a team, a plan and something worth stealing. ‘The Shadow Of War’, the fifth novel in Timothy S. Johnston’s ‘Rise Of Oceania’ series, has all three.”

Escapist Entertainment — More Important Than You Might Think

Escapist Entertainment — More Important Than You Might Think

(Originally published 1 December 2022 at Crime Writers of Canada.)

Remember when your parents complained that you weren’t working hard enough? When they told you to get a job, do your school work, or wash the car? Or they piled pressure on you to get better marks, win awards, and get accepted into university? And while the stress mounted, you could only sit in your room, in the dark, wondering why no one understood that you were on the verge of cracking?

Robert J. Sawyer Blurbs THE SHADOW OF WAR

Robert J. Sawyer on THE SHADOW OF WAR

I’m thrilled to present his blurb, below.  I’m unsure what makes me happier:  the fact that he liked the book, or the fact that he read my words.