The First Time I Saw JURASSIC PARK


The First Time I Saw JURASSIC PARK

It’s hard to believe that JURASSIC PARK was released 25 years ago this week. I still remember seeing it at the Galleria. My friend Adam turned to me as the lights went down and said, “So what’s this film about?” He had no idea. It was a Friday night and our group of friends always hung out on the weekends. Adam had been living in University residence, so had not seen any ads or trailers. I envy him still to this day — it must have been an amazing experience for him. He loved the film. I remember him jumping at the Samuel L. Jackson arm scene.  After the movie we all probably went for drinks.  I’m hazy on this, but we frequented a club called The Ridout back then.

Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm in JP

It’s also hard to believe that JP still stands up today. The effects are wonderful and the story compelling. It’s intense. Parents with children were leaving the theater within the first five or ten minutes … they had thought it was just a family-friendly movie about dinosaurs. It’s more akin to JAWS than anything else.  The cast was fantastic — I’ve been a fan of Jeff Goldblum since he appeared in my third favorite film of all time.

I’ll be seeing JURASSIC WORLD next week. It’s fun to revisit that universe every few years.

And now that you know JP was in theaters 25 years ago … does it make you feel old? I’m definitely feeling it.

Do you remember seeing JP in theaters?  Tell me about it in the comments.

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