Pictures from Saturday’s Signing and a First Look at the New Book!

Pics from Saturday’s Signing and a Look Into the Book!

I wasn’t sure this was going to happen.

There were a few things working against it.

First, the storm.  In case you haven’t been following the news, there has been a major storm hitting the Great Lakes Region.  It’s pummeling the area around Lake Erie (Niagara, New York) and Lake Huron/Georgian Bay (the Bruce Peninsula) the hardest.  Lake effect snow is so unpredictable, and Highway 401 threads a line between these two lakes.  Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely love snow storms and winter weather.  LOVE IT.  I’m Canadian, through and through.  However, if snow disrupts a signing and I end up in a ditch, or anyone gets hurt, I’m not so thrilled.  Luckily, the weather held off along my travel path, and the ninety minutes of driving on clear roads was wonderful.

Second, the books.  Fitzhenry hasn’t actually had the official print run for The Shadow of War.  That’s coming in early December.  They did print some advance copies, however, and shipped them to Guelph for the signing.  (They’ve shipped some to Indigo Cambridge as well, for my signing there this coming Saturday.)  A big thanks to Fitzhenry & Whiteside and Holly Doll for doing this!

I had not yet seen the printed book.  Usually the publisher sends “Author Copies” after the printing.  Because this small number of books was printed for the signings, I have not yet held one in my hands.  So, when I walked into the store … it was the first thing I saw.  The Shadow of War is my eighth book, but seeing my work on a shelf remains, and always will remain, mind-blowing.  It took my breath away.

The color pops.  The book fits perfectly into the series.  And the interior design is stunning:

Ken Geniza at Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Ltd. created the cover.  The process with him is so easy and seamless, and the end result of each book has been beyond expectations.

Here’s a look at the first chapter:

And some other graphics through the book, below.  I am not showing the new images that artist Cheyney Steadman created, however, for they are spoilerish.  The Shadow of War contains the most images/graphics/schematics of any book in The Rise of Oceania.  

And here’s a look at the spine and back:

The signing at Indigo Guelph was fantastic.  It was a bitter cold day but the store was packed with happy customers.  I had a great time chatting technothrillers and giving out swag.  Thanks to all the readers who came to pick up the book, and to all the people who bought the book who had never heard of me.  (Most people have no idea who I am, to be fair lol.)  I hope that I have made a new fan of everyone who bought the book yesterday.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen, to Mac at Indigo Guelph for arranging the signing, to the entire team at Fitzhenry & Whiteside, and to everyone who came to the signing and, regardless of whether you purchased a book, for chatting with me about technothrillers and how important escapist entertainment is today.  Of any time in our shared history, escapist entertainment in all forms is more important now than ever before.  You’ll hear more of this message from me in the next few days.

Here are some more pics, below.  Thanks to my good friend, Tara, who also made the trek to Guelph.  You’ll see her, below. And to those in the Cambridge region … I hope to see you there this Saturday the 26th!  Enjoy the pics!


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— Timothy S. Johnston, 20 November 2022

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