Radio Interview with TSJ on Writing Thrillers, Managing a Busy Life, STAR WARS, and THE WAR BENEATH


Radio Interview with TSJ on 106.9 THE X’s Your Life, Your Way with Host Gail Barker

TSJ and Gail Barker, 8 August 2018

On 8 August I participated in the radio show YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY at local radio station 106.9 THE X. The topics of conversation ranged from managing a busy life while also writing thrillers to my new underwater adventure THE WAR BENEATH. Gail Barker and I also discussed the central themes in the new novel — one of which is the importance of fathers (or a father figure) in the hero’s journey — and this of course led to a discussion of the best example of it used in the Science Fiction / Fantasy genre: STAR WARS.

I hope you enjoy the interview! It was a blast to do. The show aired 19 August on 106.9 FM in Southern Ontario.

Listen to the interview here:




Listen to my previous radio interview on 106.9 THE X here, where I discuss Horror and Science Fiction influences, self-esteem and the Imposter Theme, and John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN.



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