SFcrowsnest Reviews THE SHADOW OF WAR!

SFcrowsnest Reviews The Shadow of War!

“Any good heist consists of three components: a team, a plan and something worth stealing. ‘The Shadow Of War’, the fifth novel in Timothy S. Johnston’s ‘Rise Of Oceania’ series, has all three.”

Over at SFcrowsnest, Kelly Jensen has reviewed my newest thriller, The Shadow of War, an underwater heist.  Here’s a quick blurb, and the full review at the link below: 

SFCROWSNEST: “Any good heist consists of three components: a team, a plan and something worth stealing. ‘The Shadow Of War’, the fifth novel in Timothy S. Johnston’s ‘Rise Of Oceania’ series, has all three.

As I’ve come to expect, the something worth stealing is another bleeding-edge technology that Johnston has taken from the pages of history, researched and then developed into a believable device. He has a true knack for this, which is one of the reasons his books are so enjoyable to read. Though set in the near future, there is a hefty component of realism to the setting, the characters and the stories. Always, I read with the question of not ‘what if’ but ‘when’?

… As always, Johnston has written a thriller with hot-off-the-presses technology, edge-of-your-seat moments, separated into heart-pounding seconds, and characters who don’t always do what they’re supposed to …

I did very much enjoy this book and every nail-biting moment and look forward to the next instalment in the series.” — SFcrowsnest

A big thank you to Kelly Jensen and SFcrowsnest!

Check out the Book Trailer below, and there are purchase links below that.  Amazon and Indigo are shipping now, and the book will arrive before Christmas.

Here’s the exciting BOOK TRAILER!

— TSJ, 14 December 2022

PURCHASE THE SHADOW OF WAR — It’s Shipping Now!  Get it by Christmas!

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“If you’re looking for a techno-thriller combining Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy and John Le Carré, The War Beneath will satisfy … a ripping good yarn, a genuine page-turner.” — Amazing Stories
“One very riveting, intelligent read!” — Readers’ Favorite
“If you like novels like The Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising,
you will certainly enjoy The War Beneath.” — A Thrill A Week
“If you’re here for thrills, the book will deliver.” — The Cambridge Geek
“… an engaging world that is highly believable …” — The Future Fire
“This is a tense, gripping science fiction/thriller of which Tom Clancy might well be proud . . . When I say it is gripping, that is the simple truth.” — Ardath Mayhar
“… a thrill ride from beginning to end …” — SFcrowsnest
“… if you like Clancy and le Carré with a hint of Forsyth thrown in,
you’ll love The War Beneath.” — Colonel Jonathan P. Brazee (RET),
2017 Nebula Award & 2018 Dragon Award Finalist
“Fast-paced, good old-fashioned Cold War espionage … a great escape!” — The Minerva Reader

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