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Author Michael Libling Reviews A BLANKET OF STEEL

Author Michael Libling Blurbs (and Reviews) A Blanket of Steel!

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again:  Michael Libling, author of Hollywood North:  A Novel in Six Reels and The Serial Killer’s Son Takes a Wife, is a Canadian treasure.  He’s a brilliant genius and I can’t argue with or dispute anything he says about any topic. Especially this one.

Here are his impressions of my newest thriller, A Blanket of Steel:

THE SHADOW OF WAR by TSJ is a 2023 CYGNUS Award Semi-Finalist

The Shadow of War is a 2023 CYGNUS Award Semi-Finalist

The underwater heist published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Ltd. in 2022 is continuing to make waves!

Readers’ Favorite Reviews A BLANKET OF STEEL!

Readers’ Favorite Reviews A Blanket of Steel!

And it is very, very good indeed!

See an excerpt, and click a link for the full review:

Kirkus Reviews: THE SHADOW OF WAR is an “Indie Worth Discovering!”

In This Month’s Kirkus Reviews Magazine:  The Shadow of War by TSJ is an “Indie Worth Discovering!”

Kirkus Reviews!  I am so proud of this book!  The Shadow of War is an underwater heist/thriller with a diverse cast and a gripping story.  The listing is in the November issue of Kirkus Reviews.

SFcrowsnest Reviews THE SHADOW OF WAR!

SFcrowsnest Reviews The Shadow of War!

“Any good heist consists of three components: a team, a plan and something worth stealing. ‘The Shadow Of War’, the fifth novel in Timothy S. Johnston’s ‘Rise Of Oceania’ series, has all three.”

Robert J. Sawyer Blurbs THE SHADOW OF WAR

Robert J. Sawyer on THE SHADOW OF WAR

I’m thrilled to present his blurb, below.  I’m unsure what makes me happier:  the fact that he liked the book, or the fact that he read my words.