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A BLANKET OF STEEL’s Temp Cover is Here

The Temp Cover for A Blanket of Steel!

You can see the direction this is headed.  The hull plating, the rivets, the color scheme.

Meet Timothy S. Johnston at Chapters Vega on Saturday June 24, 2023

Meet me at Chapters Vega in Mississauga on June 24, 2023

I’ll be in Mississauga at Chapters Vega on Saturday, June 24 from 12:00 until 4:00 PM signing copies of … 

A Blanket of Steel is off to the Publisher!

TSJ’s A Blanket of Steel is off to the Publisher!

And it’s off!

This is the sixth and final book in my underwater colonization series, The Rise of Oceania from Fitzhenry & Whiteside LTD.  It’s also the largest, at about 127,000 words.  I promise a gripping spy vs. spy tale filled with excitement, action, technology, and emotion.  There’s a reason it’s called A Blanket of Steel, and it ties in with the ongoing Cold War between the US, Russia, and China and the thirst for new resources on the ocean floor.  But as with my other titles, there is more than one meaning here, but I will leave it for you to discover.  It’s a standalone thriller; all the books in The Rise of Oceania can be read in any order.  Together they tell an overall arc about the Second Cold War, the McClusky family, and the world’s quest to colonize the ocean floor during escalating climate change on the surface.  And, of course, the necessary gruesome violence that it all entails.  The book is coming …

TSJ’s New Bio

TSJ’s New Bio

The sixth — and final — book in my series, The Rise of Oceania, is due to publisher Fitzhenry and Whiteside at the end of the month.  I’ve been working hard on it for over a year now.  There’s a lot of story to wrap up, there are more graphics/schematics than in any of the previous installments, and I want this to be the most gripping conclusion possible.  Each book is written as a standalone thriller, but collectively they tell a complete arc from Book 1 to Book 6.  I’ve poured my energy into this for so many months now.  Here is—



I’m thrilled to announce that The Shadow of War is now a finalist in the 2022 CIBAs.

And not only that …

Robert J. Sawyer Blurbs THE SHADOW OF WAR

Robert J. Sawyer on THE SHADOW OF WAR

I’m thrilled to present his blurb, below.  I’m unsure what makes me happier:  the fact that he liked the book, or the fact that he read my words.

Author Michael Libling Reviews THE SHADOW OF WAR

Author Michael Libling Reviews THE SHADOW OF WAR

… And it’s another superb review.  I couldn’t be happier with how this thriller turned out.  Thanks to Mr. Libling for the review … coming from the author of Hollywood North:  A Novel in Six Reels … it has left me gobsmacked.