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THE FURNACE won the 2015 CYGNUS Award for Science Fiction Thriller and the 2016 CLUE Award for Blended Genre mystery. Check out reviews here.

Praise for TSJ’s THE FURNACE:

“… a Crichtonesque thriller …” — K I R K U S
“… riveting …” — Midwest Book Review
“… fantastic …” — TrekWeb.com
“… a page turner … ” — Allbooks Review
“… fun … enjoyable … plenty of action … entertaining …” — SF Site
“… outstanding.” — Science Fiction Review.com
“… intense …” — The Bibliophilic Book Blog
“… I was absolutely blown away by The Furnace …” — Dreamworld Book Reviews
“… definitely a page turner … suspense-filled …” — Kaye Trout’s Book Reviews
“… compelling …” — Booklover Book Reviews
“… Scary and gripping …” — eBookanoid
“Johnston is an exemplary novelist.” — Dreamworld Book Reviews
“… suspense-filled …” — Kaye Trout’s Book Reviews
“… a gripping page-turner …” — Ramblings from this Chick
“… a great science fiction locked station mystery …”— alternative-worlds.com
“It is a case of Agatha Christie meets Isaac Asimov with added Crichton for flavouring.” — eBookanoid.com
“… an edge-of-your-seat page turner!” — Moonrise Book Blog
“… this is your perfect read.” — Chanticleer Book Reviews
“… wonderfully diabolical and frightening …” — Martha’s Bookshelf
“… properly gruesome.” — SFcrowsnest
“Fans of Michael Crichton or James Patterson will certainly love Timothy S. Johnston.” — Science Fiction Review.com

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“Reading The Savage Deeps is like watching a movie … mesmerizing … Torpedoes, mines, imploded subs, and bodies litter the ocean floor … Johnston is an author skilled in bringing life to his characters through dialogue, engaging readers’ emotions by their behaviors and thinking, and creating brilliant settings, all of which play out like scenes in a movie.” — Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite

The Savage Deeps delivers on every level.” — SFcrowsnest

The Savage Deeps is like a futuristic Das Boot with a lot of intense action and some interesting technology … full of spine-tingling thrills … I give The Savage Deeps a five star rating.” — A Thrill A Week


“If you’re looking for a techno-thriller combining Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy and John Le Carré, The War Beneath will satisfy … a ripping good yarn, a genuine page-turner.” — Amazing Stories
“One very riveting, intelligent read!” — Readers’ Favorite
“If you like novels like The Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising,
you will certainly enjoy The War Beneath.” — A Thrill A Week
“If you’re here for thrills, the book will deliver.” — The Cambridge Geek
“… an engaging world that is highly believable …” — The Future Fire
“This is a tense, gripping science fiction/thriller of which Tom Clancy might well be proud . . . When I say it is gripping, that is the simple truth.” — Ardath Mayhar
“… a thrill ride from beginning to end …” — SFcrowsnest
“… if you like Clancy and le Carré with a hint of Forsyth thrown in,
you’ll love The War Beneath.” — Colonel Jonathan P. Brazee (RET),
2017 Nebula Award & 2018 Dragon Award Finalist
“Fast-paced, good old-fashioned Cold War espionage … a great escape!” — The Minerva Reader

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