Sometimes less is more, and I am aiming to keep this short and sweet, hopefully to have greater impact on those who might stumble across it. My wish is that it might motivate people to spend two hours at the theaters this weekend.

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is an absolute masterpiece. I feel privileged to have lived during the events and at the same time as Freddy Mercury. I can’t believe any reviewer would be luke warm on this movie. It was stunning … an incredible journey through the era and events of QUEEN. I’m not especially a huge music fan, but every song in the film is instantly recognizable and a classic, and Freddy’s story was brilliant and tragic. I cried during the Live Aid sequence … and was shocked that the movie had that effect on me. Rami Malek deserves an OSCAR nomination for this. It’s not a “sanitized” version. A huge portion of the film is about Freddy’s orientation and relationships — some of them casual, some not — either in the foreground or background.

This film is funny, heartbreaking, and magical. It’s a magnificent journey. Go see it, especially if you are thirty years plus, but that being said, the story is timeless. Freddy Mercury was a musical visionary, a tortured creative genius and I am a lucky man to have been alive during his reign. Most people in the theater seemed to be fifty plus, evidence that Freddy Mercury and QUEEN’s legacy persists and deserves to be told. You don’t need to be familiar with the music; the themes and events are broader than just being a music biopic.

The Live Aid sequence is simply extraordinary. Go experience it.

TSJ’s Review: 10/10

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