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Why Underwater?  Ten Important Reasons I wrote The Rise of Oceania, and a Message for the Future

Why Underwater?  Ten Important Reasons I wrote The Rise of Oceania, and a Message for the Future

(Note:  I watched the events involving the submersible Titan in the Atlantic closely over the past week.  It was a tragic and yet avoidable disaster.  James Cameron, on CNN, spoke about how similar it was to the Titanic sinking in 1912.  He couldn’t have been more correct.  Despite warnings, the captain pressed on to the inevitable end.  I am saddened by the loss of five lives and it is a sign to explorers everywhere that the ocean is merciless.  Pressure is inexorable.  Engineering needs to be perfect to descend to depth, and if problems appear, there is often very little time (or none at all) to solve problems on the spot.   Since I began writing The Rise of Oceania, events have tended to mirror my predictions.  The increasing tensions with China, for example, the growing climate crisis on the surface, and more.  I wrote the below article only days before Titan went silent.  I’ve added this note to acknowledge the dangers and the loss of life last Sunday.  — TSJ, 26 June 2023)

But What Are They Eating?

But What Are They Eating? New Article by TSJ at Bookfare’s Blog

Check out my new article at Bookfare.  Shelley, who runs the blog, asked if I’d like to contribute a post about the topic “But What Are They Eating?” since the setting in my current series is so unique. 

John Carpenter’s Contribution to Speculative and Science Fiction Redux

John Carpenter’s Contribution to Speculative and Science Fiction Redux*

John Carpenter is my favorite director.

I think that’s pretty obvious if you’re familiar with my blog, Life After Gateway. My post “The Greatest Trifectas in Film History” made it clear that I believe him to be a visionary director whose massive appeal in the SF genre is on par with Cameron, Spielberg, and Abrams.

TSJ Featured in The Big Thrill Magazine


The magazine devoted to writers of thrillers, The Big Thrill, featured The Savage Deeps and yours truly back in January.  In case you missed it, here is the article, written by David Healey.  Enjoy! 

“While the futuristic vision of the resources-challenged world is one thing, the action and adventure is another. Fans of submarine movies and fiction will enjoy the highly atmospheric tension and sheer claustrophobia of operating at great depths in what are essentially ocean-going spaceships.”

CTV News Article on Timothy S. Johnston

CTV News Article on Timothy S. Johnston

Last week, CTV News ran an article about me and my love for the Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense genres and how they inspire me to write.

Newspaper Article on TSJ and THE SAVAGE DEEPS

Newspaper Article on TSJ

There was a wonderful article on my writing and books yesterday in The London Free Press.  The topics focused on my writing philosophy, mission, inspirations, and important themes in my new series The Rise of Oceania:  resource exploitation, climate change, and the legacy our fathers leave for us, for good or for bad.  I hope you enjoy the article (link below).  Thanks to entertainment reporter Joe Belanger.

The Second Cold War is Coming, and the Culprit is Climate Change

Article by TSJ at The Speculative Fiction Showcase

Here’s a new article I wrote about how climate change and the need for new resources to sustain exploding populations might trigger a new Cold War.