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SFcrowsnest Reviews THE SHADOW OF WAR!

SFcrowsnest Reviews The Shadow of War!

“Any good heist consists of three components: a team, a plan and something worth stealing. ‘The Shadow Of War’, the fifth novel in Timothy S. Johnston’s ‘Rise Of Oceania’ series, has all three.”

Robert J. Sawyer Blurbs THE SHADOW OF WAR

Robert J. Sawyer on THE SHADOW OF WAR

I’m thrilled to present his blurb, below.  I’m unsure what makes me happier:  the fact that he liked the book, or the fact that he read my words.

Author Michael Libling Reviews THE SHADOW OF WAR

Author Michael Libling Reviews THE SHADOW OF WAR

… And it’s another superb review.  I couldn’t be happier with how this thriller turned out.  Thanks to Mr. Libling for the review … coming from the author of Hollywood North:  A Novel in Six Reels … it has left me gobsmacked.

The Book Trailer for THE SHADOW OF WAR Is Here!

Watch the Exciting Book Trailer for THE SHADOW OF WAR!

Thanks to Director Ethan Hickey for creating the excellent Book Trailer.  Here it is, below. 

TSJ Book Signing this Saturday, Oct. 29

Book Signing this Saturday, October 29 in London, Ontario

I will be at Coles Books in Masonville Place this Saturday signing copies of Fatal Depth and An Island of Light.

I will be giving away swag, talking technothrillers, and signing books to sell at Coles.